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Hey hey hey! I'm Ella Manor, healing mentor + spiritual love & money  coach for ambitious, creative, witchy female entrepreneurs.

I help women in heal their relational wounds to love & money and reclaim their time, bodies, energy and sovereignty.

I support my clients as they scale their soul aligned businesses to 5 figure months and beyond, without burn out, while taking AMAZING care of themselves. 

My single/divorced clients get to finally manifest and marry their soul mate & create epic healing relationships in their lives (without dating apps!).

Helping my clients love and take care of themselves so deeply straight into to epic lasting love & consistent money is my jam!

When you work with me, I teach you how to create safety in your body, mind and heart so you feel safe to magnetize, hold and grow wealth  and loveYOUR way (not mine), from your higher self and not your wounded self (Which is the essence of what Cosmic Relationships is all about).

You will connect deeply to your intuition, courage, confidence, and spiritual gifts. You will heal your witch wound, money trauma, success blocks, pleasing behaviors, and raise your standards while placing amazing boundaries. 

With aligned strategy, emotional mastery & phenomenal mindset work, I help you create a life & business full of feminine flow, creativity and spaciousness while taking amazing care of you, the most important thing in the world :)

My divinely downloaded method, the Soul Key Technology™, supports my clients' transformation via these four pillars: SoulKey™, BodyKey™, MindKey™, and HeartKey™. 

When working with me and this method, the transformation you'll go through will be permanent and not fleeting. The growth and healing is created on all levels of you being: Mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually (energetically) - and your consciousness rises to a new higher level giving you more peace, self love, satisfaction and security, inside and out.

To check out my private 1-1 coaching container Loved AF for availability, click here to read more & book a consultation. 

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Click the image below to listen to Ella share about her spiritual journey & work, interviewed by Michelle Saya on State of Being Podcast - Spotify

Click the image below to listen to my interview on the WitchHunt podcast: Mysteries & Technologies Revealed; A conversational visit into the knowings of High Priestess Ella Manor

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