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Who is this Mastermind for?

This is a healing space created for the conscious, ambitious, creative, female empath/sensitive/mystic/spiritual entrepreneur. 

It is for the woman that wants to identify the places she sabotages her own success (spiritual, financial and romantic wealth) and release them so that she can live in flow and harmony with her DESIRE, her divine gifts, her uncanny uniqueness.

It is for the woman who wants to heal her wounded feminine and masculine and create a scared wedding inside of herself so that she can participate in the world from her divine self and not her wounded self. This means she experiences life as nourishing, helpful, fulfilling. 

It is for the woman who wants to get in touch and communicate with her inner child, mother, wise woman and healer, and synchronize all the parts of herself and live up to her full potential and soul mission.

This is for the woman who wants to develop her divine sensibilities, learn to protect herself energetically and set great boundaries that honor who she truly is. 

This is for the woman who wants to get CLARITY about what she wants and how to get there, and learn how to make decisions quickly, with ease and from joy.

What else will you get by being with us every week? you'll...

  • Get CLARITY about what you want to do and what your purpose on earth is. 
  • Discover what is standing in your way- what are you specific abundance blocks.
  • Become a magnet for the lasting love you want WITHOUT cookie cutter techniques that make you triggered as F.
  • Open up to financial abundance that lasts and feel GOOD about your relationship to Money and numbers.
  • Get rid of self-doubt, procrastination, and overwhelm caused by spreading yourself thin energetically. 
  • Transform your fears into passion and devotion with love. 
  • Come back to your body, sharpen your intuition, and embody pleasure. 
  • Love yourself no matter what. 
  • Get to know your inner child and work towards healing the abandonment wound.
  • Learn your attachment style in your relationship to love and money. 

If you suffer from:

  • "Not having time" for pleasure, rest and play.
  • Feeling anxious about the future, having a hard time making empowered decisions. 
  • Being self doubtful, not fully trusting you can achieve your goals and your deep desires.
  • Feeling overwhelmed by all the things you think you have to do to succeed in love or business. 
  • Dating men who disappoint you, drain you, and are wrong for you.
  • Starting projects (or business) but not finishing them.
  • Spending lots of energy and money on things that don't get you the results you want.
  • Not having clarity about what you want exactly and HOW to get there.  
  • Struggling with taking CONSISTENT action in your business.
  • Lacking the discipline and structure to achieve your goals. 

Why did I create this program?

I created this program because I have been through many business and personal masterminds, groups, courses and workshops, and what I really needed for lasting transformation was missing- the healing work, the energy shifts, the space holding by a trauma informed healer and mentor that has been through the same experiences and similar traumas as me. 

It's NOT a place where you will learn even more marketing or business strategies, funnels or tricks and get overwhelmed and made to feel like you are not good enough for being where you are. 

It's the place where you will be seen and met with honor, grace and love exactly where you are NOW. Only when we accept where we are can we move forward. 

It is a safe container in which you will be taught spiritual practical practices, mindset, energy work and tools  that will allow you to heal and transform yourself. You will not be pushed, overwhelmed and cajoled into doing things that don't resonate with who you are! 

You will be acknowledged,  seen, appreciated, and loved exactly as you are now. 

If this feels good, send some details over in the form bellow so I can get to know you and if it's a good fit, jump in and join us in this magical healing journey in no time. 

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More About why I created this MasterMind

Some of the pivotal practices I had to learn on my healing journey and spiritual awakening was how to love myself fully, how to develop compassion, and forgiveness for my path, no matter how painful and far it sometimes was from what I believed I wanted or deserved. 

This took TIME. 

I did not like getting vulnerable or dealing with painful issues or parts of myself in spaces and groups in which I didn't feel safe or seen or held in. I've had too many experiences where I felt like I was left broken inside only to have to figure out how to collect the pieces back before I had the strength, tools and know how on just how to do that. It's a horrible experience and I hate thinking about any woman going through a triggering, intimate, sensitive, emotionally painful experience in an environment that is not sensitive to her sensibilities. 

So I make it my highest priority and value to create truly SAFE spaces for women as they go through healing processes, personal and business transformations and energy work. This is crucial for me! 

*    *    *

*    *    *

... “Since I started working with you, I’m feeling empowered in creating the structure and consistency my life needs. I have the discipline and integrity to set boundaries that are right for me and create daily rituals that give my life the stability and pleasure I need and deserve. I feel safer in my own body, in my home and in my relationships. 

"...The most surprising part is that the men coming into my life lately are honest, respectful, and love when I communicate my
feelings, and the best part is that they want the same things as me! I didn’t believe men like that were available for me anymore before working with you.”

... “I feel like you were able to help me in a way that no one has been able to help me before. I have a traditional therapist that I see but he only listens, you give me guidance, structure and support, and look into the problems more deeply and give me actual steps that I take to get better and I’m finally putting together the pieces of my life, creating the business of my dreams and feeling fulfilled and blessed in so many way. I can’t thank you enough!”

... “You can see me and who I really want to be in a way that most others can’t. It feels amazing because you see past the mask or exterior I sometimes put up and just see who I can really be and how amazing that person is. You took me by the hand like you were my loving mother and delicately but assertively guided me to the places I needed to get to in order to heal my deepest
wounds. I feel so seen and loved, you are some sort of an angel.”

I can't promise you anything... 

Accept for :

1. Giving you ALL the love, wisdom, safety, gifts, attention, care, insights, experience, and nourishment I can with this Mastermind container. 

2. Teaching you the many practices, techniques and tools with which you will gain a better understanding of your fears and blocks, and develop a stronger connection to your desires, pleasure, and cosmic support.

3. Showing you how to love and accept yourself in places you didn't even know existed within you.

4. Helping you alchemize (transmute, transform) your pain or self judgment back into love.

5. Proving to you that everything that has happened to you and that will happen to you is happening for your highest good.

6. Reminding you of your spiritual gifts.

7. Allowing you to allow yourself be perfect just the way you are.

8. Teaching you that magic is always available for you.

9. Connecting you to the 14th realm of gratitude so that you always come back there.

10. Showing you how to be strong inside and soft outside.

11. Connecting you to your breath, life force in a way you've never been connected before. 

12. Teaching you the potent power of your intentions.  

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