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I’m Ella Manor, also known as “The Healing Mentor”, formerly known as “The Lady Gaga of Photography”. 

Let’s start with this question -  What is the connection between photography/art and healing? Well, EVERYTHING.

I’ve been making art since I was a little girl, then at the age of 16 I fell in love with analog photography, and continued to create self portraits for the next 18 years. I was using photography as a healing tool for processing both personal and collective trauma, and loads of it. 

A lot of the darkness, victim mentality, and self abandonment my soul experienced through endless lifetimes came out from my psyche and into the (literal) light in an empowering way. This process was extremely creative, challenging and healing (these tend to go together). 

While studying for my Bachelors at NYC's Fashion Institute of Technology I became a fashion & art photographer which allowed me to play with dark themes in a pleasurable way - beauty, colors, textures and light were a potent healing tool for me, I loved it and was very successful on the outside, but there was so much more to heal and uncover on the inside.

In 2014, I experienced challenging life circumstance, while going through a spiritual awakening AND a divorce (hello intensity!) I then started looking for answers in mind -body - soul trauma healing modalities. I went to dozens of certificate programs, retreats, initiations, courses, seminars, workshops, circles, pilgrimages, and meditations, for years. 

I studied sacred sexuality, non violent communication, spiritual psychology, yoga, mindful self compassion, family constellations and various energy healing modalities. It was a good combination of theoretical/scientific and practical/experiential educational healing journey. 

With time, my consciousness evolved, and I was able to discover and master my newfound abundance of spiritual gifts (they were not really new, they are ancient! But new to my awareness in this lifetime anyway). 

I also re-learned (with quit a good amount of resistance!) what my mission was on this earth plane in this lifetime: Helping creative, female entrepreneurs heal from emotional and sexual trauma, feel safe to lead and prosper from their empowered femininity & fully prosper!

Supporting (and fighting alongside with them) a reclaim of their birth right to abundance, pleasure, and sovereignty. Expanding their consciousness to rise in frequency with the most ease and flow. Realigning with their true selves to overcome money & love blocks. I can say this in a million different ways but you get the drift!

What is a healing mentor? 

It’s an educated, experienced, sensitive, fierce, and gifted person (like me!) who has gone through an intense personal & collective healing journey, which guides others to go through their own healing paths with grace so they can live their destined life and prosper. By prosper I mean both internal wealth and external wealth. 

When you are rich internally, and you do the necessary mindset work (on all four levels that I teach) then material riches will come to you, if you open the doors. The healing helps alchemize the “physical” fears and emotional blocks to abundance (love, money, spiritual support) to come into our lives. You better believe it - they are knocking on your door fearlessly. 

The doors to Lady Bliss Money Love Mastermind are opening soon! check out more here

To your inner & outer wealth, 


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